KINGSOFT set up internet security subsidiary speeding up the reshuffle of internet security market | Tech

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KINGSOFT set up internet security subsidiary speeding up the reshuffle of internet security market

July 19 , 2010 11:40:58 AM utc+8

Kingsoft Corporation Limited ("Kingsoft" or the "Company";HKEx: 03888), a leading applications and entertainment software developer, distributor and service provider in China, announced that Beijing Kingsoft Security Software Co., Ltd ("Kingsoft Security") has been set up and it will be more dedicated to in-depth development of Internet security

software series, which is one of our major profitable products. The establishment of the newcompany marks the significant progress of Kingsoft's corporate strategy. Meanwhile, Kingsoft Internet Security 2011 is officially launched, which is the leading cloud anti-virus software in China.

Kingsoft Security sets two core strategies — migrating to an Internet company in full-scale and developing authentic cloud security system. As the leading authentic "cloud" anti-virus software in China, Kingsoft Internet Security 2011 fully adopted "authentic cloud security technology", which will bring a whole new experience for users.

Ms. Wang Xin, Chief Executive Officer of Kingsoft Security said, "As a leading company in China's Internet security software, we will take a series of measures to promote the healthy development of the industry and will timely launch various Internet security software products with enhanced user experience to meet the market demands. Kingsoft Security will adhere to the strategy of migrating to an Internet company in full-scale and actively push forward expertise sharing and cooperations in Internet securitiy industry.

Kingsoft Security offers all kinds of Internet security products including Kingsoft Internet Security,Kingsoft WebShield and Kingsoft Defender etc., ranging from permanent free products to premiumproducts. Kingsoft Internet security software is one of the major sources of revenue of the Company.

According to the figures released by the Company's 309 Annual Results, Internet security software contributed RMB230 million, or 79% of total revenue from applications software unit (RMB330 million).

Mr. Pak Kwan Kau, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kingsoft, said, “The Company's business expansion and the development of Internet security market naturally lead to the establishment of Kingsoft Security. Leveraging our experience in developing and operating online games, we will integrate the operations of online games, applications software and Internet security software, guided by the new operation model of Kingsoft Security. We will join hands together with clear divisions of business segments and exploit advantages of each other, to enhance the Company's overall operating efficiencies and profitability.”